100 Strong 100 Strong


(Left to Right: Ruhi Nath, Vrinda Agarwal, Julie Brown, Smriti Joneja, Madeeha Ghori)

The 100 Strong Founders

Vrinda Agarwal

Vrinda Agarwal graduated from UC Berkeley double majoring in International Economics and Political Science. She is very passionate about community service and leadership. In high school, Vrinda created a Refugee Empowerment Service Project to help many families of re-located refugees from Bhutan. For her efforts, Vrinda was awarded the Girl Scouts Gold Award, selected as one of 10 “National Young Women of Distinction” in the US, and featured in Time Magazine (2012). In college, Vrinda co-founded the Big Ideas-winning NGO 100 Strong, which serves to empower low income women through leadership development and mentorship training. She has previously interned at the White House and is working at Goldman Sachs as an investment banking analyst.

Ruhi Nath

Ruhi Nath graduated UC Berkeley with a degree in Public Health and a minor in Anthropology. Ruhi is passionate about improving access to education, be it about health or leadership, in underserved populations, and has done extensive work volunteering in San Francisco, Berkeley, and India. In her free time, Ruhi enjoys reading, hiking, and writing poetry.

Smriti Joneja

Smriti Joneja is an international student at UC Berkeley, majoring in Molecular & Cellular Biology, and hoping to pursue a career in medical research and public health. In high school she founded the Model UN debate club and the Terry Fox Charity Run chapter at her school, and has held leadership roles in campus organizations and the ASUC giving her a lot of experience to draw upon as a mentor and when setting up new organizations. She continues to look for experiences to help serve the community and the underprivileged and enjoys being a mentor. Smriti was a recipient of Berkeley Alumni Leadership Award (2011).

Madeeha Ghori

Madeeha Ghori graduated from UC Berkeley in 2015 with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Her passion for equal access to education is what drove her while helping shape and establish 100 Strong. She is immensely proud of how far the organization has come and looks forward to seeing it grow even more.

Madeeha currently works as a software engineer for Google and hopes to continue bringing education to all through projects like Accessible Blockly, which enables blind students to learn programming.

Julie Brown

Julie is currently serving as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in El Salvador where she has joined a fishing community of 1,500+ resilient women and men. The drinking water in her community is heavily contaminated from mining operations with high concentrations of aluminum, cadmium, copper, zinc, lead, and hexavelent chromium. Many people suffer from serious kidney pains. Some families only drink soda because the water is so polluted.

She is working on creating access to clean, safe drinking water with the people in her community.