100 Strong 100 Strong

Current Executive Board

(Photo Top: Fatima Hasanain, Prakriti Singh, Middle: Jazlyn Chong, Saakshi Goel, Devin Redor, Front: Brilliant Hua) 

Current Executive Board

Brilliant Hua


I am currently a fourth year studying Economics and Gender and Women’s studies. Prior to becoming 100 Strong’s president, I was a mentor for one year and the Finance Intern. I am a proud feminist and am passionate about dismantling social and economic inequality. I am excited to continue on with 100 Strong and solidify our foundation at REALM and our presence at the UC Berkeley campus!

Jazlyn Chong

Vice President of Operations

I am a third year studying biology and (hopefully) creative writing at UC Berkeley. My dream is to go to medical school and specialize in some form of surgery or anesthesiology. I am passionate about working with youth through community service and have been a part of 100 Strong for 2 years (both as a mentor and an intern), and am extremely excited to continue as a board member! I can't wait to get started on this year's 100 Strong program with the mentees at REALM, and to work with our amazing board, mentors, and advisors.

Prakriti Singh

Vice President of Internal Affairs

I am a sophomore currently pursuing a degree in psychology. In my spare time I love being outdoors among nature and am a fanatic of chaat.
My name is more than appropriate as it is reflective of my love and affinity of nature.

Saakshi Goel

Vice President of Communications

I am currently a sophomore here at Cal intending to double major in Economics and Media Studies. Other than 100 Strong, I am also involved in our school’s student government (ASUC) and in my spare time I like to binge watch Netflix, haunt cafés and struggle with bits of economics on a loop. I really look forward to building this year's team and continuing to encourage femxle leadership and unity! 

Devin Redor

Vice President of External Affairs

I am a currently a fourth year American Studies major at UC Berkeley. I mentored two years ago for 100 Strong, interned and mentored last year, and am excited to be the Vice President of External Affairs this year! When I am not doing work for 100 Strong, I am probably playing ultimate Frisbee or fixing things at my house (I’m the Maintenance Manager this year). I like to sleep, sing, tell jokes, discuss Avatar: The Last Airbender, and swoon over dogs.

Fatima Hasanain

Vice President of External Affairs

My name is Fatima, and I am a sophomore here at UC Berkeley intending to major in history. I’ve been involved with 100 Strong for one year now, and I’ve loved every minute of it! Outside of school, I like to eat ice cream, watch Jeopardy, and be #Flawless.